Web Design & Development

I offer both design and coding/scripting services, for the production of a complete site or complementing the development of an existing one.

Web Design

You don't have to know how the web works, that's my job. All you have to know is how you want to portray yourself or your company, and I will help you to realise your vision.

A successful web site requires careful planning and execution in order to successfully convey your message to the widest audience.

I develop standards-compliant web sites that are fast to download, attractive to look at, and intuitive to use.

I design the ‘front end’ (the pages you see in the browser) from specifications or ideas laid down by you, or from scratch. In doing so, we take into account your goals and objectives, your intended market, and the competition. I then build the ‘back end’ (the code that makes it all work) to take into account those design principles.

The ‘back end’ may include functionality such as a shop or a content management system (CMS) to allow the client to update the site themselves.

Have a look at some of the other sites that I've worked on, or consider some of my design concepts.

Web Development (Scripting)

As a designer, you know how to turn your creative vision into a web site. But now the client wants to update the site themselves. Or wants a password-protected area. Or requires other functionality beyond standard HTML.

I offer support for server-side scripting and database integration to designers who know how to make a site look like it should, but not how to make it work like it should. Some work examples include: